We are pleased that you are considering applying to join our friendly Club.


Club members usually gather on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and evenings for casual sailing. Both of these sessions are non-competitive and are suitable for beginners, children and family sailing. Members can however use the club at any time during the week, but we do ask that you observe the Club’s safety and security guidelines. Races are held on Sunday afternoons and you would be welcome to join these, we do ask that you have an understanding of the racing rules to compete in the main series races, if you are less experienced then the novice series is to help you gain an understanding of the rules and racing.. There are several club trophies to be won. Racing can also be exciting to watch for non-competitors.

Membership is subject to approval by the club’s committee during meetings which are held regularly throughout the year.

You do not need to own a boat, members can hire a variety of boats to suit all levels of experience ages and sizes. 

If you join and bring your own boat, we ask that the boat, launching trolley and trailer is thoroughly cleaned before bringing it to the club, as we are anxious to prevent weed problems prevalent at other clubs. Please note we are a small water, only 11 acres so are not suitable for larger dinghies.

Safety Boats - please note anyone driving the safety boat must wear the kill cord at all times, there are no exceptions to this rule.

Children (under 18's) are not allowed in the safety boats, unless being rescued.

You must ensure that your own boat/s is/are adequately insured, (minimum third party cover). We do reserve the right to view your insurance policy documents.

The prices are listed below:


  • We have a joining fee of £30

  • Our annual charges are currently:-

  • Family Membership, which includes partners and all children under 21 - £43

  • Single Membership - £37

  • Boat Space - £42

  • Individual Junior Membership which is for under 21s in conjunction with other members’ involvement (eg. relatives other than parent etc.) – £15

  • A gate card is initially £15, of which £5 is refundable when handed back to the club.