WSC Club Lawnsws

Grass – do you ever stop to think about the grass in the compound ? Indeed, I should more properly call it “Lawn” - because that it what it is – it would not disgrace our own gardens at home.

How it came about is a remarkable story – just like the evolution of the club itself – the work of dedicated volunteers. When the club was first established at its present site the area was similar to the road outside – sand and gravel, dusty with the occasional blade of grass and a liberal sprinkling of “weeds” - a.k.a wildflowers – though not the more decorative ones!

To the best of my knowledge the area was never seeded, and certainly no turf was ever bought.

A few weeks before a regatta, probably about 1975, a member (I think it was Roger L) brought his lawnmower and started to cut the weeds – he suffered much ribbing from from fellow members, but against the odds he persisted, saying “if you don't try you've got no chance”.

The area certainly looked a bit tidier for his efforts and after a few months of dedicated cutting (and some timely rain) the grasses began to take over and the “weeds” were in retreat. Gradually other members started to share the cutting, bringing their own mowers and strimmers and the area began to look distinctly grassy.

In due course the club bought grass cutting equipment and cutting became more regular, though I don't think there was ever a formal rota. Jeff P began cycling from Whetstone every week to cut the grass and tidy the compound – the Thursday Gang evolved and Mick W gradually made the job his own – and, like Jeff, took it as a personal challenge to keep the by then rather elderly grass cutters going!

Helped by the occasional flood, fertilised only by the geese, the efforts of dedicated volunteers have transformed mere grass into what can only be described as “Lawns”.


Pat Haswell. June 2018